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Pontus Hjelm and Jimmie Strimell feature in Neon Empires New Song
By x2i - 3 months ago
Dead by April - Memory (New Song Snippet)
By x2i - 3 months ago
DBA's Marcus Rosell features in Smash Into Pieces new Music Video
By x2i - 4 months ago
Upcoming Stream of DBA's New Single
By x2i - 4 months ago
'Stay Strong' Merch Collection Now Available to Purchase
By x2i - 5 months ago
'Incomparable' Album now available on Spotify in missing regions
By x2i - 5 months ago
Marcus Rosell's EDM Track 'Sayonara Love' on Spotify Now
By x2i - 5 months ago
April Legion Android App in Beta Testing
By x2i - 6 months ago

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